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External applications

For an optimal local effect of the active substances, several forms of administration are possible. The choice for a basic commodity to which the active substance is added, depends on the intended effect. This can be a cream (solid oil-in-water emulsion), an ointment (oily, water-free basis), a lotion (a liquid form on the basis of water and/or alcohol and/or glycerin), a milk (liquid emulsion basis), a shampoo etc. The rule of thumb is: on wet skin apply wet (cream, lotion, milk etc.), and on a dry skin apply dry, that is, a water-free basis. Furthermore, there are gargles for local applications and eye-, nose-, and eardrops. In addition, there are basic commodities for the purpose of non-local effect, such as suppositories, enemas, ovules, and vaginal swills

There are several types of ointment bases, w/o-emulsions, cream bases and o/w-emulsions. It is therefore important to bring the right herbal remedies (such as liquid extracts, ethereal oils) in the appropriate basis depending on the purpose of the remedy. 

As active substances in these basic commodities, raw herbs may be used in powder form and extracts. We have the most of external bases ready on stock, so we can prepare each composition directly for you. Besides the prescribed intended and appropriate basis, The NatuurApotheek usually applies 20% tincture of the required plant mixture for the vegetable skin preparations (= dermatica). Furthermore, ethereal oils can also be incorporated into a base. 

Creams and ointments are delivered in a standard tube.