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Dry extracts / granulates  (GR)

We distinguish:

  • Single granulates
  • Compositions in the form of granulates
  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Suppositories

 Single granulates

 The NatuurApotheek provides approximately 500 single herbs in extract form for the Chinese phytotherapy, including the whole range of Kaiser Pharmaceuticals (KP). These extracts are produced in modern laboratories under GMP regime and laminar flow and under the direction of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. All products are analyzed in detail by KP itself and subsequently monitored for safety in an independent Western laboratory.

To create 100 grams of extract, 500 grams of herb is used to decoct and concentrate, except for minerals which are not decocted. KP also provides a large number of extract compositions. They are all available through the NatuurApotheek, but our preference is to work with single extracts. By this we can give the prescriber an absolute guarantee of the composition. The common name of the formula is, after all, not saying all: formulas of KP, Ehling, Maciocia or Bensky can, in spite of an identical formula-name, differ slightly in composition. A prescribed formula, composed by the NatuurApotheek is not only exceedingly transparent and individual, but also often more favorable in price than a standard product.

Compositions in the form of granulates

Single herbs are delivered to our clients in dry extract, i.e. granulate form. However, they usually serve to create the desired formulas or modify existing ones. A KP-composition or your own formula? With us you can choose from the most comprehensive list of 'simultaneously decocted' formulas of Kaiser Pharmaceuticals. These are existing formulas of which all the composed herbs are "boiled" at once (decocted).

Of course you are not dependent on this yet limited list. The NatuurApotheek makes for you every conceivable formula from the single components. It is explained in the introduction to this chapter why this method is preferred. It is important that, with the prescription of a recipe, you also indicate from which literature the formula originates. If this indication is missing, it will be based on the Handbook of Chinese Herbs and Formulas by Him Che Yeung.


As an alternative to tablets, single herbs as well as combinations can be "wrapped" in capsules. This gives great certainty about the dosage and makes it very easy to take. There are several possible dosages per capsule. By default, when the dose is not explicitly stated in the recipe, the NatuurApotheek uses 250 mg per capsule. But also 375 mg and 500 mg are available.


The NatuurApotheek delivers more than 200 different Chinese herbal formulas in tablet form. These are made of granulates. Tablets are convenient if the formula is not to be modified, and they are very user-friendly. This certainly promotes adherence to therapy in chronic medication significantly.


It is perfectly possible to produce suppositories with the help of granulates. The dose is 500 mg per suppository.